The Studio

At the heart of our digital production studio is an unwavering passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. Our clients are fortune 500 compagnies, entrepreneurs and innovators and we have made it our mission to bring their vision and their story to life. Through the power of XR / mobile development and digital products creation, we invite you to step into our worlds, where the impossible becomes possible and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Our studio is a playground for the imagination, where cutting-edge technology and artistic vision dance together in perfect harmony. Our team of talented individuals brings a diverse range of skills and perspectives to every project, ensuring that each creation is a unique masterpiece that captivates and inspires. Join us on this thrilling journey, together, we will paint the future with the colors of innovation and creativity.

The Founder

Geoffrey Landry is a seasoned technology professional with over two decades of experience in large scale systems integration and complex IT projects delivery. Having also developped successfull mobile applications within the Apple ecosystem, his side projects have consistently focused on creating innovative business solutions that seamlessly blend technology with creativity.

Geoffrey is now sharing his time designing and developing digital products and partnering with companies in the industry as an IT consultant facilitating teamwork, innovation and creativity.

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